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Lets receive your idea of the home you desire

People don't buy 12 feet by 14 feet constructed boxes. They don't even desire to be in vertical villages filled with random families. They want to belong to residential clubs with sporting amenities. They don't even seek a price that they can afford.
Home seekers look for places that reflect their personalities. They hope for bright homes that spiritually lift their lives. They want a place where they can unwind, recharge and renew themselves for a challenging tomorrow, every evening. They aspire to belong to communities where their children learn the right values and manners of social engagement. The try to earn the living they wished for themselves.
Everyday we remind ourselves with this truth. No one wants to buy a floor plan or a layout. They look for spaces that enable their aspiration to turn into reality. So we build the physical realities around the purpose that we find people seek. And measure ourselves by the satisfaction that our owners find in their new life and not just their home. Only when we do that, we credit ourselves with having received the ideas of our customers and hence worthy of our purpose.
Welcome to Foyer.
Because your home begins well before you reach it!

About us

An emerging leader in the real estate space in south India, Foyer is an old organization but a young company. Its founders began three generations ago with diversified investments in all areas of the industry- From the hard side of building & construction works to the services end with Facilities Management. The group today has proven experience that gives it the ability to take on larger and comprehensive projects.
The consistent effort to pioneer new work & lifestyle concepts by leveraging cutting edge technology and materials has lead to a trust & relationship not often seen between builders and their customers. Over the years the group has built itself promising land banks and has a distinct equity of being trusted marketeers of fully integrated projects.
This journey has been inspired by dynamic leadership, a discerning level of building systems and processes, and a ever growing quest for excellence.

Chairman's Message

"Over the years we have learnt that what people want is not walls and floors. They want homes that give them a life that fits with their aspirations. They want work places that make people effective & efficient. This way of looking at customers and our business allows us to be innovative and continuously design our projects to deliver beyond customer expectations. Everyday at FOYER is an collective effort to find a way to accommodate a new customer expectation, that is not yet stated!

vision & mission

To create living and working environments that rejuvenate & grow people, families and businesses by continuously anticipating their needs by innovating and seeking new materials & methods.
To demonstrate leadership by creatively designing living spaces that deliver work efficiency and rejuvenate everyday living for its inhabitants
To be a leader in using innovative technologies and methodologies in every aspect of the business of our business
To deliver a environment of high standards in our conduct and commitment for our vendors and employees
To deliver value and ROI to all our investors, partners & customers beyond expectations and markets

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