Not just Buildings, but houses where desires find home!

There are many desires based on which people make the choices that makes inanimate buildings into their homes. At FOYER we receive these desires of people and have been able to design living spaces that find natural likibility with the core audience they are designed for.

1. Convenience - The desire to be in the middle of everywhere & find everything they need within short distance of their residence. Be it schools healthcare and even airport and railway stations- It's a dream we understand

2. Eco friendly – To be able to ensure that more than doing good to the environment, to be able to live with fresh air & natural light. The earth friendly materials and methods only make that good feeling better. Small things that are now hard to find in affordable budgets is an expectation we don't find too high.

3. Modern Amenities – Home are places people feel good about. Every displayed advantage and silent convenience adds to the pride of ownership. That's why we have filled our construction with little touches of thoughtfulness that make you feel good for years after you move in!